buying gradual youtube comments are underestimated – wrongly

YouTube clicks are undoubtedly the most important indicator of the success of your video. The number immediately catches the eye, is weighted more heavily in the ranking and is hyped by everyone in public. Who is talking about the YouTube video with the most comments? Millions of views are much more relevant than a few hundred or a thousand comments.

Not infrequently, the comment function under videos is even deactivated. The reasons for this are more than understandable: From spam to hate comments, YouTubers have to deal with all kinds of annoying, sometimes defamatory statements. Even the operator of the most successful YouTube channel PewDiePie had had enough of it and the function was switched off in 2014. The accompanying video “Goodbye Comments.” By the way counts more than 12 million YouTube views – and cannot be commented on to date.

If even the stars can do without it, why should buying gradual youtube comments be of any use? Negative comments only hurt and answering them takes time and nerves. In 2015, the video platform itself deleted 92 million hate comments, some of which were illegal. In the meantime, there are even initiatives like the #NichtEgal campaign to counter hate online with workshops in schools and other measures.

Valuable feedback and relevance signal

However, YouTube comments have a few key advantages. On the one hand, they are an important ranking factor. Since comments tend to be placed less frequently, the algorithm weights them more heavily – after all, they mean more effort for the user than a like. The more comments are made, the more relevant the content appears to be to others. And the better the video scores in the ranking. It doesn’t work any differently at PewDiePie – which should be the reason why the comment function for his videos has long been reactivated.

Comments are also important feedback that can help you optimize your channel. If you implement valuable tips from your audience and even go into them directly in the next video, this will give you many points for your viewers – and ultimately more YouTube clicks.

Even if some critics don’t consider YouTube a social network – that’s exactly it! Comments enable the exchange between fans and with the channel operator. This can create a real conversation that brings you closer to your YouTube subscribers and creates a real fan base. In short: Comments give your videos the boost they need to get more YouTube views and subscribers.

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